The DTC 4000 Fargo printer is one of the best in its class, delivering in the areas where it counts. The quality photo images with high resolution (300 dpi) create a clear image on one or both sides of the PVC card, in monochrome or full color. The Fargo printer is simple to use with its patented "Smart Screen" that displays the status of the printer. Being geared towards larger business needs, the DTC 4000 Fargo card printer can be programmed to produce up to 200 identification cards on queue. With a Fargo printer, the accessories are made with the same high quality customers have learned to expect from the brand name. If the printer cartridges and the support software are not up to the same high standards as the Fargo printer, then the results will be poor.

 Fargo printer card accessories

 Fargo printer cleaning kit-Vital for continuous quality use, the Fargo printer cleaning kit provides the necessary tools to maintain the printer"s clarity and reliability. The kit is fully stocked with four cleaning swabs, 10 cleaning cards, 10 gauze cleaning pads and a complete set of instructions for use.

 Full Color Fargo printer Cartridge-Delivering a standard of excellence, the full color printer cartridge can print a number of varying quantities of high resolution prints. Options include a quantity as low as 200 full color prints to as high as 1000 prints. Colors can include yellow, blue, and red (which is layered to create other colors), as well as black.

 Monochrome cartridges-Fargo printer cartridges of monochrome can be ordered with a quantity as low as 200 and up to 1000 images. The technique of dye sublimination is used to create a pattern that transfers to the image desired on the card.cleaning card

 Security options-Even if the security options aren"t necessary when initially purchased, they can be implemented at a later time. Ethernet is available for contact smart card encoding. Another security option is the addition of a magnetic stripe for swiping cards, which creates more accountability in sensitive areas.

 The DTC 4000 Fargo card printer uses a system known as thermal dye transfer, which is a means of transferring the color to the PVC card. The use of Thermal dye transfer can also be seen with creating photos from digital photography. Single wire Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface for inline printing are option that may be considered for large areas that may be require transferring from different areas of the facility. 

 Accessories are proven to be a vital part of the entire process of creating identification cards; therefore, it is only logical that they are made with the same quality that goes into the DTC 4000 Fargo card printer. Trust comes with a great reputation of delivering performance time and time again, and the DTC 4000 Fargo card printer continues to lead the pack with a history of excellence. Support is always available to answer any questions that may arise when using the Fargo printer.cleaning card


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