1.Good Cleaning Swab for e-cigarettes
2.Alcohol swab 4.5" handle with IPA
3.Factory direct price

1. Introduction:

 Cleaning Swab for e-cigarettes 

SNAP Swabs 4.5"  IPA Filled Reservoir Handle  for  cleaning e-cigarettes is easy, self-saturating foam-tipped cleaning swab is the newest and easiest way to thoroughly clean e-cigarettes. Cleaning solution is contained inside the swab, so bottles and messy rags are a thing of the past. To dispense the cleaning solution, the user simply squeezes the swab, and the solution saturates the foam tip. The user then runs the swab over the print head until it is clean.

* Self-saturating foam tip

* Reduces residue build-up without dismantling equipment

* Quick, easy, inexpensive preventative maintenance

2. Specification:


Foam Tip


Handle material


Foamtip dimension (length×diameter)

0.984” ×0.591” or 25mm×15mm

Handle dimension (length×diameter )

4.5” ×0.2” or 114mm×5.2mm

Fill Content

IPA Solution

Solution volume

 4.5"    (2.0 ml)



Recommended Usage: As often as necessary. Original Equipment Manufacturers recommend at least every time you feel stuck.

Directions: Remove swab from package. Place swab stem between thumb and index finger to “Snap”. Solution will saturate throughout foam tip. Wipe across print head 6-8 times and dispose of properly.